PLUSLets... run by Landlords for Landlords

PlusLets was established to provide the lettings service we were looking for. The old cliché of “we’ll secure the best rents in the fastest time” doesn’t tend to come to fruition, or comes with added problems.  Here’s our ethos:

  1. Professional in everything we do.
  2. Personal service. You’re dealing with a small family business, rather than a corporation.
  3. Consistency of staff. You will always talk with the same person.
  4. Know the properties well. I’ve often heard people say they were shown round a property by an agent who had clearly never been there before. I’ve carried out maintenance on most of the properties in our portfolio and renovated numerous of them.
  5. Would I be happy with them as my Tenants? If not, they won’t be accepted.
  6. Would I be happy living there? All properties that we market must be maintained to a good standard. This includes any furniture included with the property.
  7. Quality property particulars. Attractive photographs and articulate adverts are essential.
  8. Appropriate marketing. We are now using the ZPG Group, which includes Zoopla and Prime Location.
  9. We do not currently have an office in town. This keeps our overheads down, which keeps our fees at a sensible level. Most people browse for property via the net anyway.
  10. Tenant referencing. Applicants are referenced as standard. Guarantors are requested if the applicant doesn’t meet certain criteria.

PlusLets offers a Tenant introduction only service and a comprehensive management service. Please contact us for further details.

I look forward to working with you.

Paul Sumner